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    Mathilde Rufenacht

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    It is actually already possible to compare the nutritional information (Protein-Carbohydrates-Fat) of recipes side-by-side in the menu manager. You just need to create a menu with the recipes you would like to compare:

    Menu Manager.png

    In the same way, you can compare the nutritional content of menus in the Menu manager.

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    Well, color me Purple!

    I see where and how to compare recipes this way, but how do you compare menus?  I can only see how to get one menu to display at one time.

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    Mathilde Rufenacht

    You can select to display all the menus of the selected day, or menus for several days in the Mode pull down menu of the menu manager.


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    That's pretty good. I'd love to see the search enhanced to include nutritional information too though, to find low carb, low fat, low calorie, low salt, etc.   eg. less than Xg fat per serve

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