I lost Shop'NCook from my computer. How can I recover it?




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    When I re-downloaded from the "download page" as instructed above, I cannot install it without re-registering and committing to purchasing again.  How do I download without having to repurchase what I've already purchased!!!?


    Kathy Kirkpatrick

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    Mathilde Rufenacht


    You can recover your registration information at the upgrade page at http://www.shopncook.com/upgrade.html .

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    when the synchronization feature, where are the recipes I have uploaded?  I dropped my computer and have reload shop and cook, I use to synchronize. When I sync now nothing happens, I don't get my old cookbooks and recipes.  I must be doing something wrong,

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    Mathilde Rufenacht

    When you synchronize, you must select in the Synchronization Option window the cookbooks you want to include in the synchronization scheme. when a cookbook is correctly synchronized, it should appear in the cookbook list with a blue sphere next to it.

    If your cookbook was correctly synchronized, make sure you are synchronizing with the same synchronization account you used before.

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