How do I change the location of the data folder?




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    Cynthia R Lake

    I just spent an hour trying to get a fresh installation of Shop'NCook Menu to create a data folder on my desktop (rather than in the default Documents folder which I never use).  It wouldn't let me select the folder I had created on my desktop. It would only drill down to the bottom of the folder and then nothing. I finally discovered thanks to this question about *moving* an existing data file that there needs to be a random file (even an empty text file) inside the folder for Shop'NCook to recognize the folder.  Weird.  This is not an intuitive requirement (most programs do select folders), so I recommend that this tip for an empty text file be included in your installation FAQs (the first place I went for help).  It should also be mentioned in the text that appears during installation.  For example: "Please select a location where you want to create a folder 'ShopNCook Menu' to keep ShopNCook data.  ENSURE THAT THE FOLDER CONTAINS AN EMPTY TEXT FILE FOR THE APPLICATION TO SELECT."  Or something similar :) 

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    Mathilde Rufenacht (Edited )

    Cynthia, thank you for your comment and sorry for the problems you had. I will improve the process in the next release, so that it is not necessary anymore to have a file to select!

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